Monday, February 8, 2010

Toy of the Week: Motor Works by Discovery Toys

This weeks terrific "Toy of the Week" is brought to you by Ally.

Back in December I hosted a Discovery Toys party. Discovery Toys is a wonderful company that specializes in educational toys for children. They offer a lot of great products, but there was one that certainly stood out to the kids at the party; Motor Works. It is an adorable little building set with a battery operated drill and a manual screw driver. The set includes a race car, prop plane and motorcycle, all of which can be easily taken apart and reassembled. The screws are large enough for little hands to manage, and the set includes extra screws in case some get misplaced. It all comes inside of an adorable tool box with a handle for portability.

The recommended age is 4+, but I would recommend it for ages 3+ so long as you're willing to help your little one assemble the toys. My 3 1/2 year old has played with this toy set daily ever since he received it, and this toy has become a favorite among his friends at play dates.

Motor Works encourages your child to develop tactile thinking skills. It's a 3-D puzzle that they will love doing over and over again, and I even have fun assembling the toys with him. It also focuses on fine motor skills.

There are also two additional vehicles, a train and a truck, available for the Motor Works toy set. They are sold separately.

Motor Works can be purchased online at the Discovery Toys website, or you could host a Discovery Toy party. Click here to find a Discovery Toy representative in your area. If you live in the Hampton Roads/Williamsburg area of Virginia, my consultant is AMAZING! The first time I met her was when she hosted my party. She's one of those people that when you meet her you feel like you've known her for years. You can contact her here:

I do have one small negative issue with Discovery Toys. I was initially considering becoming a consultant, until I saw their website. It leaves little to desire. When it comes to a company that makes sales online and through host parties, you should be able to allow customers to purchase products online and have them count towards a party. I also am not a fan of the way the website is laid out. The online shopping portion of the website looks "cheap" to me. They should take some pointers from the way the Tastefully Simple and Pampered Chef websites are set up and hire a new web designer.

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