Friday, February 26, 2010

Avon Ideal Shade Smooth Mineral Foundation

I am a loose powder person, I very rarely use liquid foundation anymore but hate leaving the house without something on my face. Years ago I'd use liquid foundation to cover everything and powder to cover that. Since having children, my make-up routine has dropped to about three items: powder, blush and mascara.

Let me be upfront and say I used to sell Avon so most of the make-up I own and use is, in fact, Avon. I quit selling a couple months ago and didn't even know I owned this powder. The loose powder I was using was suddenly empty and I was scrambling to find something to use before heading out the door, I found Avon Ideal Shade Smooth Mineral Foundation in Transparent Glow.

I found the coverage to be incredible, especially since it was a transparent color. When I saw the color, I expected it would simply take away any oily shine from my face but it worked so much better! It was light like a powder should be and covered surprising well, it was by no means heavy and evened out my skin fairly well. The best thing was it actually covered my blemished, I was so delighted.

Avon says the Smooth Mineral Foundations have a medium coverage of a liquid and
the featherlight feel of a powder with a natural luminous finish. I agree!

The foundation powder retails for $11.oo (it's on sale quite often) which is comparable to other mineral makeups. You can get it from the Avon website or your local representative.


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  1. If you like coverage but want to look and feel like you are wearing nothing you can always try tinted moisturizer. I love it! and it usually comes with SPF protection.