Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday: Diapers

What brand of disposable diapers do you prefer? With my son, I swore by Pampers. With my daughter, I just can't decide. Lately I've been buying whatever I have a coupon for. When she was a newborn I initially used the Pampers Swaddlers, but they left little bits of clear gel all over her girly parts every time she wet her diaper, even if it was just moderately wet. So, I switched to the Huggies Newborn. I loved those! I liked the cut-out for the umbilical cord stump, and I also liked the flap on the upper back part that prevented poop from going up her back. As she grew into the size 2, I had a problem with the Huggies leaking on the sides when she pooped. I decided to try Luvs, which I hated with my son because back then they didn't have a stretchy waist band, but this time I was pretty impressed. They hold A LOT of pee without leaking. But, lately the poop has been going up her back, as it does with Pampers also. I recently read some good reviews on the Huggies Pure and Natural, so I will try them next.

I think the perfect diaper would include the absorbency and fit of Luvs, the back flap of Huggies, and a rewards program like Pampers.

Now it's your turn to weigh-in. Which brand of disposable diapers do you prefer and why?

Oh, and what about Night Time diapers for bigger kids? I swear by Under Jams. They rarely leak, and you also collect Pampers Points with them. Ethan outgrew the Pull-Ups by the time he turned 3 and the Goodnights constantly leak.


  1. With Blake I couldn't decide which I liked more, Huggies or Pampers. I finally stuck with Huggies, only because that's what they sold at Sams club, and I like buying in bulk! Now that they have Pampers at Sams Club I'm not sure what I'll use when the next baby gets here! I do know I absolutely WON'T use Luvs or any store brand diapers again! Blake has really sensitive skin and they made him break out really bad.

  2. With Noah, I initially used Pampers Swaddlers and then Pampers Cruisers when he got older. I really liked the absorbency of the Cruisers and they seems so much more flexible then other diapers. I tried the Baby Dry ones but they never could contain his poop and he seemed to pee through them on more than one occassion.
    Once we started potty training, I only used Pull-Ups. Then when we got to night time only, I bought the cheapest ones I could find like the Exchange brand which I absolutely loved. But we thankfully have grown out of that stage and no more diapers or pull-up for him at all and he is in underwear all day long!!

    With Jordan, I used Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive until she outgrew those and then I tried to move on to Pampers Cruisers since I liked them so much with Noah but my little sensitive girl couldn't handle them. I tried Huggies but again she broke out with those. Then I moved to the Pampers Baby Dry and no problems at all. I haven't had an poop explosion problems and they contain her pee really well. I truly beleive that the Baby Dry diapers are better for girls than for boys. Once we start potty training her, I will have to do the same thing and see which ones don't make her break out!!

  3. I have only tried Pampers with Wesley. We started out in swaddlers and have now moved up to cruisers. I find that the swaddlers hold more pee and liked how they absorbed the messy poop and pulled it away from his skin, but we had a problem with blow outs of poop for about a month or two in the very begining. I wonder if thats just a stage that babies go through....
    Oh and I also LOVE the points system that they have.

  4. I used Swaddlers on Ray and Jay until they outgrew them. Now I use Pampers Baby Dry on Jay because they have been on sale. I've also used Huggies and Cruisers with him with no problems.

  5. With B it was Pampers, anything else would give her a rash, until I changed to cloth. During potty training we used Pull-ups and cloth trainers.
    With Paige with cloth most of the time but when we do use disposable we use Huggies. Her skin isn't quite as sensitive as B's but the store brands did break her out.

    Did everyone see this great deal??
    Thank you to Moneysavingmom!