Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Sun Bleaching

Another great stain removal tip.

I cloth diaper my one year-old and as you can imagine her diapers can stain fairly easily. I had heard many a cloth diapering Mamas rave about sun bleaching but it took me forever to try it. Now that I have, I am (or would be if the sun and warmth were present) an avid follower.

It’s simple and you can do it with just about anything with a stain. Wash your garment as you normally would but instead of putting it in the dryer, place it outside in the direct sun light to dry. Inside, in direct light doesn't work very well. I like to leave it out most of the day, I’m not sure how long is actually required. The garments will be stiff but nothing a little air fluff in the dryer won’t soften up.

This also worked on food and other "natural" stains on my daughter’s clothes.

I've had one Mama tell me if it gets rained on then sun dried it works even better but I have yet to try it.


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