Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday: Organized Activities

I'm so excited, B has her first dance class today! She's going as a guest with her friend and it's the place I've been wanting to take her to, we're both thrilled. I love the idea that she will have an outlet for some of her energy and she loves to dance!

During my research I found a few places that offered classes for infants (4 months old) and it begs the question:

What is too early for organized activities?



  1. I think one is the perfect age to begin things like that! They are so open to learning things and its not like they are expected to be little pros, and its FUN! Im going to have to look into this for Grace!

  2. wow...a place that is open to 4 mth old babies? Is it like a "mom and me dance" or something? My opinion is this - if a child is not old enough to do it themselves, and listen to the instructor/coach then the child is too young.(and by listen, I don't mean that they have to listen all the will be kids). I don't think it should be up to the parents what a child likes because of their activities since birth (or a very young age). I waited until Austin and Ray were older and could tell me what they wanted to do. I DO think that it's ok for a parent to choose something for the child to do if the child is showing signs of liking the activity (like in Brenna's case - she loves to dance), or to try something new. The thing is, if the parent chooses and the child doesn't like what it is, I feel the child should finish it that time (not all things in life are fun, but it is a lesson to complete what you start) but should not have to do that sport or activity again.

    That's just my stinky opinion (u know...everyone has one and they all stink!!) =)

  3. I wouldn't spend money for an activity with a baby. It's one thing to take your baby to playgroup so you can socialize, but I would never spend money to take my infant to some sort of class that cost money. I think once they are decent walkers maybe something like The Little Gym or Gymboree, but nothing too organized (sports and dance) until they are at least three.
    I hope B enjoys her dance class! We're putting E-Ray in T-ball this summer because he LOVES baseball.

  4. I think that 4 mos is more than a little ridiculous. lol. I guess I'd say 3 was probably a good age to start things like that, if that's what you were going to do. None of mine have been in any organized activity at this point. Unless you count going to public school. ha ha.

  5. I think that 4 months old is way too young for organized play, especially classes that you pay for. I think 18 months, or when a child is a good walker, is a good age. I have both of my children enrolled in a Mommy & Me class and the one Princess is enrolled in is perfect. It is for 18 months to 3 years and it is so much fun.
    I hope B enjoyed her class!!!