Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday: Cleaning Hard Floors

After moving into a home with primarily hard wood floors for the first time, I truly miss carpet! Sure, wood floors are attractive, but when you have an 80 pound yellow lab that sheds, they are a nightmare! Vacuuming carpeted floors is SO much easier than sweeping and mopping hard floors.

My only experience with a traditional mop was in the Navy. As an Operations Specialist, whose job is pretty unessential when the ship is in port, I swabbed the deck quite a bit. I found the mops to be absolutely disgusting and vowed to never use one again.

I put my swabbing days behind me and bought a Swiffer Wet Jet. Let me first say, I obviously always sweep before I mop. I used the Swiffer in my home in Great Lakes, where I had laminent flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms and tile in the basement. It did ok. It always seemed to leave a bit of a film behind and wasn't great at getting dried up little messes off the floor, but I never felt like trying anything new. If something stuck I would just resort to a brillo pad.

Now, in the new house with the wood floors, I just couldn't stand the film left behind by the swiffer. I decided to try a steam mop. I'm pleased with it. The steam sanitizes and certainly breaks up dried messes better than the swiffer. I have the SteamFast Floor Steam Mop, which I think is very reasonably priced, and as I said, I am happy with it.

What do you use to clean your hard flooring? Why do you like it? Did you try anything in the past that didn't meet your expectations?


  1. Stefanie GustafsonMarch 3, 2010 at 11:34 PM

    When we moved to Guam we have all tile floors. What a nightmare with a chocolate lab. I too bought a steam mop, a Bissel since it had the best reviews. I still vacuum the floors daily and the steam mop works pretty decent. I'm ready for carpet again though!

  2. I vacuum everyday and always before i mop. My yellow lab too sheds soo much to make another dog. I use a swiffer wet jet for in between mops and the shark pocket steam mop for the real mopping days.