Saturday, March 6, 2010

Toy of the Week: Hexbugs

I'd like to introduce you to the coolest ant I've ever seen! E-Ray got one of these for Christmas from my parents. When we turned it on and placed it on the carpeted floor, we weren't sure what to expect. As soon as it touched the floor it began racing all around the room, and thanks to it's antennae, whenever it ran into something it would instantly reverse direction. We were all VERY ammused! This is by far one of the coolest little toys I've ever seen. I believe the age on the package said 8 years and up, but I'm not sure why. My 3 year old LOVED it! The only downfall is that the batteries don't last very long.

There are actually a variety of creepy crawlies in the Hexbug family. There is the Original, which resembles a roach, an inchworm, a crab, and the nano. We have a couple of the nanos. They are pretty cool and always a favorite among E-Rays friends when they come over to play. They like to watch them go down the stairs. The batteries on these little guys last much longer than the ants, but they don't work on carpet.

I look forward to adding to our Hexbug collection, and I forsee these being popular birthday gifts for E-Ray's friends. :)

If you want to get your hands on these and don't want to wait for shipping, I know they sell them in store at Radio Shack. I haven't seen them elsewhere, but Toys R Us sells them online, so they may have them in the store as well. I do suggest picking up extra batteries right away. If your kids love them as much as my little guy does, you'll need them!

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  1. Ricky Quinones from Innovation First Labs (makers of HEXBUG) here.

    Just a note - HEXBUGs are available at RadioShack, Toys R Us, Target and other specialty stores worldwide.

    You can also purchase all HEXBUG products on our Web site as well:

  2. Wonderful! Thank you Ricky! Our family loves your product!

  3. I seriously have to thank you for this,we have been wondering over and over what to get our son,i am so buying one for his bday!