Sunday, March 28, 2010

Toy of the Week: Furry Fun Chatter Elmo

As I looked around my house for my toy of the week, I was struck by the amount of Fisher Price toys we own. My goodness, I should own stock. As my last toy review was a Fisher Price toy, I wanted mix things up so I began to search for a toy my girls love that isn’t Fisher Price. Then Elmo giggled and I thought how perfect. I began a web search for a picture of this lovable character but was having a hard time locating the specific toy so I had my daughter bring him to me in order to look at the tag for the actual name. To my astonishment I discover he, too, is a Fisher Price toy.

So without further ado, I bring you the Furry Fun Chatter Elmo.

This is, without a doubt, the cutest annoying toy I’ve ever seen. It’s a little plush toy, only about 8 inches tall. His head is on a hinge and each time his head moves he says a part of a sentence or phrase, in that adorable Elmo voice. What makes it hilariously annoying is if you shake him fast enough he repeats the same word before moving on to the next word of the sentence. For example, one phrase is, “Elmo is so giggly.” If you shake him on the Elmo, he repeats Elmo over and over and over, every time his head moves, until you give him a little pause to move on.

Furry Fun Chatter Elmo is suggested for children 18 months and up but my 15 month old LOVES him! She’ll sit and shake him with such force and he just giggles. He’s durable enough to withstand a few tosses down the stairs and usually laughs with every stair he hits. He requires two AA batteries (which were included) and most retailers sell him for about $10.00, making him an affordable addition to any Sesame Street loving family.

There is also a Furry Fun Chatter Cookie Monster.


**My apologies for lack of picture, I'll share just as soon as blogger allows**

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