Sunday, March 14, 2010

Toy of the Week: Crayola Twistables

My children are coloring fanatics, especially Princess. Everywhere we go, I bring along crayons and coloring books or pages because it is a guaranteed pleaser and something that always keeps them busy, especially when we go out to eat. The downfall to that though was I was always dealing with broken crayons and the little pieces getting everywhere. Then, when the kids would color, they would get frustrated that the crayon was broken and I constantly had to peel back the paper to get it exposed enough so they could color.

That is until I discovered Crayola Twistable Crayons!! They are absolutely amazing. They are crayons that require no peeling or sharpening. When the tips get worn down, just twist them up and you're ready to keep on coloring. The clear plastic barrels keep them from breaking and make it easy to see how much color is left. They come in a variety of amounts and 2 different sizes, regular and minis. The twisting mechanism is so easy that even Princess can twist them up if they get used to low. I bought 2 packs of the minis and found mini coloring books and keep them in my purse so they are available at all times. They have not only saved me many a meltdown, but it has been nice to go in my purse and not find a bunch of broken crayons.

The Twistable line also includes markers and pencils. The markers are cap-less so no more worrying about missing caps or dried out markers. The pencils are erasable which allows you change and re-do drawings or correct "mistakes." Now kids can complete picture-perfect homework assignments and reports in color—without having to start over.

These products are amazing and rather inexpensive. I paid $1.14 for the 10 pack of minis at Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart carried the entire line of twistables.

So I recommend to anyone who has an avid colorer, invest in some Twistables and never experience broken crayons again!!!

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  1. I LOVE THESE!! Ray and Austin do not color very often, but when they do or have, I love these colors!! If they break - ok, just twist them up and WA-LAA! FIXED!