Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tyke Light Jr.

My children don’t sleep! I’ve been blessed with overly happy children who just don’t sleep well. When we decided it was time for our oldest to lose the binky on her 3rd birthday, I knew something would have to replace it. A special, only for bedtime, help keep her mind off her loss, “thing.” The “thing” became the Mobi Tyke Light Jr. Night Light.

We started with the green and have since added the pink, I prefer the green. It puts off just enough light without brightening the whole room. It sets less than 6 inches high and can be placed on a flat surface or, as mine likes to do, left in bed. It’s made of a sturdy plastic so when it does, and it will, get dropped and thrown, it’s durable enough to sustain. The on/off button is on the bottom and is slightly raised so you can feel it, you don’t even need light to turn it on. My daughter can turn it on by herself. It has three settings, a little light, a little less light and a 15 minute timer.

***My 1 year old thought we should point out that they're not water proof.



  1. Oh I love this thing! My little guy developed a fear of the dark when Daddy deployed in December. He got one of these for Christmas and it REALLY helps. He loves that he can take it to bed with him.

  2. My little guy loves his too! I was looking all over the place for a night light that wasn't plugged into the wall, because like most toddlers he likes to unplug everything! I love how durable they are too! I can't count how many times its been thrown down the stairs!