Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Year, New Planner

A year and a half ago I won a makeover with Parenting Magazine. Part of the makeover involved becoming more organized. My husband was deployed to Iraq, I was a full time student and I had an almost 2 year old little boy to chase around. In other words, I wore many hats. For my makeover, I was given a Whomi Planner and a Whomi Calendar. They changed my life! I was able to keep track of my assignments and appointments so much easier than ever before. I used the main white part of the planner to denote birthdays and appointments and was able to assign a class to each color. Not only are they practical, they are totally cute! I actually customized mine with pictures of my husband and son, since I missed them so much while I was at school, and it made showing off my little cutie pie to my classmates easy. :)

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