Monday, April 5, 2010

Fruitables by Apple & Eve

My children do not like vegetables unless it is raw carrots. I try and try to get them to eat veggies and it never turns out in my favor. So I took to buying V8 Fusion. The Strawberry Banana one seemed to be a favorite until suddenly one day, Little Man decided he didn't like it anymore. So I was back at square one with trying to get vegetables into his system some how.

Then I got a coupon for Fruitables juice boxes so I decided to give them a shot. You never know what your kid may or may not like.

Well, my kids LOVE them!! I bought two different flavors, Apple Harvest and Berry Berry. They do not have that "veggie" aftertaste and both flavors are very yummy. My kids suck them down so fast, just as they would Capri Suns or other juice boxes.

Fruitables are 66% juice and have 1/3 less sugar than regular juice boxes. They are about 70 calories or less. They have no artificial flavors or colors, no high fructose corn-syrup, or other chemicals. They have other flavors such as Strawberry Kiwi, Pear Peach and Tropical Orange. They come in 2 different sizes of juice boxes as well as 46 oz bottles.

Fruitables can be found at Wal-Mart, select BJ's wholesale clubs, select Costco’s and grocery stores in the Northeast. I was able to purchase mine at the base commissary.

For more information and a money-saving coupon, go to


  1. me and aunt were huge fans of Fruitables when they were selling them by the gallon. we went into wal-mart and bought 32 gallons. but then then they stopped selling them by the gallon. but we still buy them in cartons